imageWell folks, we have come into some beautiful summer weather here in the White Mountains!

We are in full bloom; our yards and homes are filled with the sweet, sweet smell of lilacs. The

trees have busted out with light and dark shades of green all over the valley and up into the

mountains. The birds are making nests for their young, while cheerfully singing about it all day

long. At certain times of day when the sun hits the trees just right, there is a magical glow of

green all through the forest that sends this adult mind back to childhood awe and wonder.

Whether old or young, nothing can bring us joy as much as an old fashioned bike ride. Whether

you’ve got a fancy new road bike, a rad mountain bike or if you’re rocking it banana seat style

with streamers on the handlebars, it’s sure to be a fun time here. If you can’t bring your own

bike, there are a few cycling shops in town you can rent from for a full or half day. When it’s

time to go out we’ve got it all, from challenging road loops on the Kanc and over Bear Notch

Road to plenty of Rails to Trails paths to miles and miles of wooded mountain biking trails all

over the White Mountains. There are easier trails for the whole family and single track ski trails

for the experienced mountain biker.

Whichever way you choose to ride there are phenomenal views in every direction and wild

flowers to smell and see and birds to watch flying overhead. You could bike to a beautiful river

and have a picnic or ride past a farm with huge draft horses eating hay. You could climb a tough

rocky pitch and overlook a 360 degree view of purple mountains majesty. You could meander

along a paved path chatting with your family and see chipmunks and squirrels scurry past. Or

you could simply ride around the corner for a huge, delicious ice cream cone! No matter which

adventure you choose, come stay at the White Mountains Hostel and we will gladly store your

bike. We also have a workshop if you need to tinker on your ride. You might just see me out

and about on my bike!! Don’t forget….wear your helmet….Safety First, Fun Second 😉