Rain Dog

Rain Dog

Most of us who come to the White Mountains are outdoor enthusiasts and being such we know

that sometimes it’s going to rain on our parade. For rock climbing that can be a big bummer for

sure but there are many other activities that can still be really fun in the rain. Take hiking for

instance. As long as you have the right rain gear from head to toe and some watertight boots,

hiking can be a magical experience in the rain. There are even rain covers for your pack! If

you start a hike in the White Mountains when it’s raining there is a certain wonderful smell that

only the alpine forest can produce. You want to be more careful in the rain because rocks and

leaf cover can be very slippery but there are still lovely sights to see in the rain. Beautiful rivers

to go by and waterfalls to look at and there is still wildlife out and about in the rain.

The other great thing to do while you’re staying at the Hostel if you’re really rained out is to go

shopping. There are some great shops to find new and consignment gear of all kinds here.

IME, located right in North Conway has almost all consignment gear from rock climbing, to great

outdoor clothing to hiking boots and packs. Another great store to find what you need for an

outdoor adventure is Ragged Mountain, located north of North Conway in Bartlett. Not only do

they have a great selection of outdoor consignment gear but they also make clothing right here

in the White Mountains. It’s well made with high quality materials, I’ve had some Ragged

Mountain clothing for a decade and it’s still holding up strong! The staff at both of these great

stores are always helpful and friendly and ready to help you find just what you’re looking for

whether you’re going out in rain or shine this summer!!

So don’t let the rain keep you from coming to stay at The White Mountains Hostel, there is still

so much to do and see and experience! Just pack your rain gear and remember it’s New

England so even if you’re day starts in the rain, give it a minute and the sun could come shining

through and give you a rainbow and a beautiful day! Don’t forget after a big rainy adventure it’s

so cozy to come back to the hostel and listen to some old records, play a card game with new

friends and have a warm cup of tea! See you soon!!