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Footloose in the Rain

Rain Dog Most of us who come to the White Mountains are outdoor enthusiasts and being such we know that sometimes it’s going to rain on our parade. For rock climbing that can be a big bummer for sure but there are many other activities that can still be really fun in the rain. Take hiking for instance. As long as you have the right rain gear from head to toe and some watertight boots, hiking can be a magical experience in the rain. There are even rain covers for your pack! If you start a hike in the White Mountains when it’s raining there is a certain wonderful smell that only the alpine forest can produce. You want to be more careful in the rain because rocks and leaf cover can be very slippery but there are still lovely sights to see in the rain. Beautiful rivers to go by and waterfalls to look at and there is still wildlife out and about in the rain.

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Life is a bike ride

Well folks, we have come into some beautiful summer weather here in the White Mountains! We are in full bloom; our yards and homes are filled with the sweet, sweet smell of lilacs. The trees have busted out with light and dark shades of green all over the valley and up into the mountains. The birds are making nests for their young, while cheerfully singing about it all day long. At certain times of day when the sun hits the trees just right, there is a magical glow of green all through the forest that sends this adult mind back to childhood awe and wonder.

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Spring has Sprung Waterfalls

Spring has truly sprung here in New England. There is talk of this “mud season” but I for one don’t see what all the fuss is about. The beginning of Spring here is one of the most exciting and beautiful times of the year. There is so much to do and see here. Hiking is one of the best things to do right now. The trees are starting to bud and flowers are starting to peak out of the ground. There is still some snow at the higher elevations but it is quickly melting with each sunny day. The best part is the magical trickling sound of the streams as you walk in the woods. Some are just a tiny rivulet of water and some are rushing off somewhere with white caps over rocks and fallen trees, taking with it leaves and debris from last Fall.

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Spring Skiing

It’s that time of year when we here in the North East are starting to maybe not be excited about the cold winter temperatures. We are setting our sights on Spring as we watch the snow melt. When we still love to get outside there are fun options this time of year. Spring skiing is a cherished pastime for a lot of people. A man staying at the Hostel this week enthusiastically told me that Spring skiing is his favorite time to be on the slopes. Lately spring as been holding onto the dead of winter with temps staying in the teens and low 20’s! We got a taste of upper 30’s and mid 40’s weather last week but then it dropped back down. Once you smell spring and hear the little trickle of snow melting streams it’s hard to get back to winter mode.

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Maple Syrup Time

We tapped 5 maple trees at the hostel this weekend. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time sweet maple sap has been harvested from these old trees. We have a deep respect for this old farmhouse and acreage that was once worked on by many strong hands. Elizabeth Roper owned and worked this land for decades and even established 4H programs right here. I can only imagine the fresh hard-working energy that encompassed this place when dozens of 4H kids came to learn valuable farming skills from this wise woman. I know these old trees have seen all of this and have soaked up the nutrients from this soil. Now, years later this sacred space is a hostel and instead of generations of people living here working the land there are travelers from all over the country and world who pass through this space. They are here for a night or a few nights and maybe in and out hiking or climbing and then they are on their way, hopefully to someday return. But we are here to stay, to live here and to get this place back to its roots. It won’t be back to a full scale farm with livestock but it’s a great gift to work with what is already here.

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X-Skiing Paradise

This winter season has been an amazing year for all skiers but my passion this year has been for back-country skiing. There are many great maintained trails such as, Jackson and Great Pine, but there are also many free trails

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Hostels Today

Hostels today have evolved somewhat in the last 40 years. Today, they are no longer just a place for young travelers. You'll as likely find a retired couple staying at a hostel as a college student. Hostels still offer an

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Winter Sports

It is exciting to think about all the winter adventures available here in the White Mountains Region. There are many options to chose from, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, x-cross, ice climbing, and winter hiking. Let WMH be a warm and friendly

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Perfect Reason to visit White Mountains in September

This week weather in White Mountains was perfect for hiking and enjoying the last days of Summer. If you are looking for picturesque views and steady, enjoyable trail, Mount Willard is a perfect choice! With elevation at 2840 ft (866

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