What are the Cancelation Policies.

Answer: We are small  business that has to adhere to our cancelation policies.

Individual reservations can be cancelled three days prior to your arrival. EXCEPT FOR HOLIDAY WEEKENDS. NO CANCELATION POSSIBLE.

Group reservations (10 people or more) can only be cancelled 30 days prior to arrivals. This ALSO applies to groups that book individually but are actually part of a large group 

Do I need to bring my own linens?

Answer: No, we provide all that you need including towels.

What is the best way to make a reservation?

Answer: The very best way is to go to our booknow page and make the reservation. When you enter your dates the system will show you what is available for the dates you requested. If it doesn’t show you the room you wish to have it means it is sold out for that time period. The second best way is to email us at reserve@wmhostel.com. Please provide us with the dates and room type your interested in. The last way is to call us. We are a small staff of two so we are often doing other work or helping guests and it can be sometimes hard to get us by the phone, but leave us a message and we will return the call as soon as possible.

How do I check for availability?

Answer: Please click on the book now tab and enter the dates.

Can we bring our pets? 

Answer: We love pets, but we have found this doesn’t work well for a shared accommodation place like ours, so unfortunately no.

Can my child who is under 18 stay at the hostel?

Answer: NO, we do not allow anyone under 18 to stay without direct adult guardians.

Can I arrive later after desk hours?

Answer: Yes, please contact us the day of arrival and we will provide you with a door code. We do want to try to have arrivals before 12pm as it is disruptive for other guests when arriving later.

Can I stay at the hostel if I am a bad snorer?

Answer: It would be very strongly recommended that you book a private room as this is very disruptive for other guests.

Do you have parking available?

Answer: Yes, we have an upper and lower parking lot. It is also allowed to park on the street during the spring, summer, and fall, not allowed in the winter.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol in the hostel?

Answer: Yes, we do allow it but only responsible drinking is allowed. We consider responsible a couple of drinks with dinner but we don’t want guests just sitting around and drinking. We definitely are not a party hostel and we don’t want to be

Do you have private rooms available? 

Answer: Yes we have seven private rooms. Some hold two, three or four persons. Read the description when booking to make sure you get the one you need.