Here in New England we are truly fortunate to have four defined seasons. I have lived in places that are pretty much the same all year round and it’s nice for a while but I found myself longing for the change, the polar opposite temperatures, the color transformation in the trees and the landscape. I have great appreciation in looking out over a vista here in the White Mountains during summer and seeing a completely different view from the exact same spot in winter. ┬áThis picture was taken on our first very beginning of Fall hike to Mt Willard, now each hike we take for next couple of months will be changing little by little, I can’t wait!

September is here. We have had many warm days of sunshine and boating and hiking and biking and ice cream eating. There will still be more warm days to come but sprinkled in will be the start of cool crisp days where you’ll want to put on your hoodie sweatshirt and go outside. We can still get out on many of the same outdoor adventures in Fall as we do in Summer but it’s a different feel in the air on a hike or a long bike ride. Hiking all year round is wonderful here in the White Mountains but there is a special feeling in Fall. That crisp air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, that smell of fallen leaves starting to compost and return to the soil of the forest floor are all a special part of this season. Another glorious part of Autumn is that first crunchy bite of a freshly picked apple. So come on up to The White Mountains Hostel, stop by the farm stand up the road and grab some apples, they are a perfect snack for one of the many hikes to go on just around the corner from the hostel.