Fall Foliage Hiking

I just took a hike on the Boulder Loop trail right off of Passaconway Rd only 10 minutes from the White Mountains Hostel.  The weather is perfect for hiking, the air is crisp and the views are stunning with all the color sprinkled over the mountains as far as you can see.  I brought up a thermos of hot tea and enjoyed the view as I sipped and watched a hawk soar around the top of the ledges.   There is still so much foliage to see and take in here in The White Mountains.  The chipmunks and squirrels are all over the trails collecting their nuts for winter, I came around a corner and scared one and he stood right on his little log and scolded me, the little rascal! So book a room or a bunk at the White Mountains Hostel and come get out on our trails, you don’t want to miss this beautiful time of year!!

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