Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin’

The White Mountains have a plethora of fantastic fishing holes. Whether you’re casting a fly rod or a spinning rod you will have plenty of places to spend the day gone fishin’ here. Both the Saco and the Swift rivers run through our valley and offer great rocky flowing spots to try to catch dinner. Many of the rivers and lakes are stocked with fish.

If you’re looking for fly rods and equipment there is no better shop than The North Country Angler. You will find anything and everything related to fly fishing, you will also find a lovely staff who are extremly knowledgeable and can give you expert advice on all aspects of the sport.

And when you catch that huge fish, after you’ve taken a picture of course, bring it on back to the Hostel and fry it up in our kitchen, or better yet throw it right on our grill and enjoy the ‘catch of the day’. It doesn’t get any better…or fresher…than that.