Spring Skiing

It’s that time of year when we here in the North East are starting to maybe not be excited about the cold winter temperatures. We are setting our sights on Spring as we watch the snow melt. When we still love to get outside there are fun options this time of year. Spring skiing is a cherished pastime for a lot of people. A man staying at the Hostel this week enthusiastically told me that Spring skiing is his favorite time to be on the slopes. Lately spring as been holding onto the dead of winter with temps staying in the teens and low 20’s! We got a taste of upper 30’s and mid 40’s weather last week but then it dropped back down. Once you smell spring and hear the little trickle of snow melting streams it’s hard to get back to winter mode.

This coming week the temperatures are headed back up and the sun is coming out. There is a different vibe around the slopes right now. Not the “gotta get out there for the first time and embrace the frigid air for the love of the powder” but more of a relaxed “let’s get in some sweet runs before it all melts away” kind of vibe. The change of all the seasons here in the the North East is one of bitter sweetness. I for one always start to miss the season we are in while at the same time fill with excitement and awe at what’s coming next. What is coming next is new growth on each limb of every tree, and the smell of ground thawing and the sound of birds chirping and the sight of tiny baby flowers peaking their bright green heads out of the moist soil. It’s a season of birth and newness and beautiful change. So before it totally takes over and the snow on the slopes melts into beautiful streams, come up to Conway and book your bunk at the Hostel, break out your rad shades and find your favorite T-shirt because that’s all you’ll need on the slopes for these last weeks of snow season!

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